Chasing the Cookie Crush

The cookie crush afflicts us early, and gets us good until the end.

“Not before dinner,” mom told you as a youngster on the cusp of twelve. As a child, you often ignored that advice, so drawn were your eyes to sugary discs.

These discs sat perfectly in a clear jar–all gooey or crumbly; chocolate chip or nut laden, egging you on and daring you to eat.

As soon as mom left the room, you made your move.

“Just one,” you might have thought. Still, that wasn’t enough. With cookies, it hardly ever is. Just as your hand made a hasty second or third attempt to breach her trust, mom re-entered the kitchen and found you out.

As an adult, the crush remains. Only now, mom can’t tell you no.

Mr. Ritt’s Bakery (, one of, if not THE, original gluten free bakery, fulfills this ongoing crush. You can purchase sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter, or ginger snap cookies. They even have almond macaroons.

Mr. Ritt’s cookies – along withe a full line of other baked goods – are available in their Philadelphia, PA (by appointment only) and Millville, NJ locations. Paul, from Mr. Ritt’s, is well traveled, bringing his products to support group meetings across the eastern half of the US. Look for him at a local meeting near you. But, if you can’t find him, fear not – Mr. Ritt’s also ships their products across the country,

Their cookies are available in 12 oz packages for $8. That leaves some for you and a little left over for mom too.

Familiar with Mr. Ritt’s? Post a comment and let us know what you think!

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