How to Dine Gluten Free in Restaurants – Tip #1

Talk to the Right Person.

Your instructions and explanation are only as good as the eyes or ears taking them in. Have you ever had a waiter who was too rushed to pay attention to your instructions, or just didn’t seem to “get it”? One of the easiest ways to get sick in a restaurant is to tell the wrong person about your special needs diet.

In that case, the best prepared, most carefully delivered instructions will not help you! Make sure your instructions are heard by someone who has the power, ability, and motivation to help you. That can be the manager, the maitre d’, or even the owner. We’ll cover ways to identify that person and build a quick bond with them in a future tip.
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One thought on “How to Dine Gluten Free in Restaurants – Tip #1”

  1. I really appreciate this website and find your articles useful. I am 68 years old and, finally, diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005. With the Gluten Free diet, I have greatly improved in both health and spirits.


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