Twistedly Tasty

101001.jpg Pretzels remind me of crocheted hearts. Twist-tied, wood-colored and salt-dotted, these petite munchies reshape the traditional snack mold in that they easily traverse the chasm between health and junk food. Glutino Sans Gluten Free Pretzels continue this tradition by offering a wheat, barley, rye and oat-free version of a long-time favored treat.

I decided to give these celiac friendly pretzels, available at Whole Foods across the U.S. and online at among other places, a go last week. As my taste buds and expectations equally hightened, I ripped open the package with a wolf-like pursuit and a Speed-Racer-like alacrity. Upon taking my first bite, a surprising realization settled over me. “I know I have had these before.” An aha moment came, not quite unlike the one that comes to the Coyote in a Looney Tunes short the second he spots the Roadrunner.

Glutino pretzels rival their gluten-filled predecessors in that they offer the same taste without any of the grain-containing additives.

You can purchase Glutino Pretzel Twists by the bag for $5.99 at Whole Foods or through . You can also order them by the case at for a pricey $97.33.

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