Beyond Rice Cakes

beyondricecakes.jpegVanessa Maltin is a rising star in the Celiac world. She’s the author of Beyond Rice Cakes (a groundbreaking book that includes first-person perspective on handling Celiac Disease as a teenager), the host of cooking show Alternative Appetites, and the director of programming and communications for the NFCA (a national non-profit focused on raising awareness of Celiac Disease).

Vanessa recently reviewed the new edition of The Essential Gluten Free Restaurant Guide. Check out what Vanessa had to say about our Restaurant Guide and learn all about the great work Vanessa and the NFCA are doing to raise Celiac awareness at Vanessa’s blog,

We’ll be attending the NFCA’s sold out (!) Gluten Free Cooking Spree in Bethesda, MD this Friday, and will provide updates.

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