The Gluten-less Smokey Bones

smokeybones.gifThe smokehouse stench of barbeque will soon invade nostrils nationwide. From late May to early September, miscellaneous meats lathered in a gooey, brick-red tinted sauce will dot t-shirts, hands and mouths alike and invite the familiar buzz of bite-happy mosquitoes and scrap-hungry flies.

Those of us who love BBQ but opt out of cooking it ourselves can look to restaurants for gluten-free alternatives. In her newest blog entry, Gluten-Free BBQ, celiac blogger Suzanne Mangini points to Smokey Bones Barbeque and Grill as a possible option.

“I love BBQ!” Mangini exclaims. “While the best BBQ around comes from our backyard smoker, we [haven’t yet fired it up] this season.”

She goes on the explain that she dined at Smokey Bones last week for the first time in a year. Mangini knew that their meats, sauces and rubs were gluten-free, but was “unsure about their sides.”

Luckily, Smokey Bones keeps a current, in-store list of gluten-free items available on their menu. Mangini chose baby back ribs, mashed potatoes, and apples.

“I always enjoy sautéed apples,” Mangini adds, “as they are like apple pie but without the crust.”

She warns against the restaurant’s garlic toast and baked beans as they contain gluten.

Even with those exceptions, it remains possible for celiacs and non-celiacs alike to enjoy a good summertime BBQ. A little carry-out from Smokey Bones can help make that possible.

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