Mother's Day Dining Delight

famf0500bagel_bagels.jpgThe day we designate for mom arrives but once a year. We can show our moms how much we appreciate them this year by doing something that they do for us daily–cooking.

Cooking often becomes a perfunctory task for mothers. They prepare meals without thinking and we sometimes eat without thanking.

So, why not reverse this trend for the one day of the year that honors mom’s title. According to, allows you to do just that by featuring several gluten-free Mother’s Day dining options. The site’s Bagel Family Portraits emerges as one of their most original.

Essentially bagel halves covered in creme cheese and adorned with raw vegetables arranged as hair and facial features, these portraits can serve as a fun family breakfast or snack project on Mother’s Day or any other day.

Consider the following ingredients and materials to design a bagel for each member of the family: 1 large bagel, cut in half, toasted or raw, mini bagels, cut in half, as many halves are as there are kids in the family, raw or toasted, smoked salmon, sliced into strips, small black olives, sliced in half, 1 large leaf of curly parsley, cut in half, red pepper, cut into the shape for the mouth, 1 large carrot, a handful of chives, green pepper, sliced into two circles of equal size, about 1/4-inch in diameter, 2 or 3 peanuts, finely chopped, and cherry tomato or small, red grapes.

Enjoy taking the cooking reigns this Mother’s Day (It’s not chiefly a woman/mother’s task afterall). Your younger brothers and sisters should especially enjoy this project.

You can find gluten-free bagels at Whole Foods, your local supermarket or any general health foods store. A couple of options include Glutino Premium Plain Bagels and Enjoy Life Foods Cinnamon Raisin and Classic Original Bagels.

You can find preparation instructions here.

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