Gardening Gluten-Free

corn_gluten.jpgWhen I recall moments from childhood, time spent in my father’s vegetable patch inevitably races to mind. Splashes of green cabbages rotund like pregnant bellies and strawberry red tomatoes fat and full like starbursts on hyper active drugs strap my memory. These memories invade the same way stringy weeds overtake gardens at the height of late Spring.

Weeds. Humph! The stringy nemeses to plant life the world over. Little do these vegetation invaders know that they have an enemy in gluten-free.

According to the blog, Prairie Road, corn gluten meal is currently being promoted as a lawn fertilizer and weed killer. You can use this natural weed preventative, which contains 60% protein, from Spring to Fall.

More than a dozen companies sell this gluten-free agent.

So, why not fight the weeds in the months ahead, whatever their form, and do it gluten-free.

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