The Pill Possibility

The temptation waits for you. It’s there. It’s ready. It’s hungry. Fast food chains, which offer what none of us needs, whether we live gluten-free or not, advertise celiac untouchables. Smells, chock full of cholesterol, waif through Pizza Hutand Subway sandwich doors. Rightly, you ignore these scents because you know alternatives exist, some as good or even better than what the fast food chains offer.

Just take a second to imagine a different scenario. See yourself eating such grain filled, white flour containing treats as deep dish pizza and double fudge brownies without fear of stomach cramps, weight loss or bloating.

According to a recent article published on ABC’s Phoenix affiliate’s website, an experimental new drug seeks to halt celiac symptoms before they begin. The pill, developed by Dr. Alessio Fasano, inhibits Zonulin, a protein that regulates the absorption of nutrients in the gut. It simultaneously widens and tightens spaces between closely packed cells that line the small intestine, thus admitting vital nutrients while effectively shunning harmful proteins like gluten.

Doctor Anthony DiMarino, M.D, currently heads a study on the new drug, which is tentatively titled a-t-1001.

The study’s results have been largely positive.

“It seems to be blocking the things you want it to block,” Dr. DiMarino notes in the article. “Patients seem to be able to tolerate the gluten with minimal or no side effects.”

If successful, the new pill might effectively replace the gluten-free diet as the number one solvent for celiac disease, or at least give it a little competition.

We’ll just have to wait and see, cause I don’t know about anyone else, but I quite like gluten-free munchies, and am not quite ready to say goodbye to Glutino pretzels.

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