Let Them Eat Gluten Free Cake

Like chocolate bunnies on Easter or champagne on New Year’s Eve, cake is the treat of choice for birthdays.  Don’t let a fear of what’s in your local grocer’s cake mix make you deprive yourself of this classic dessert.

If you want to do it yourself, gluten-free cake mixes are available from brands such as Kinnikinnick and Cherrybrook Kitchen.  With Cherrybrook Kitchen’s frosting mixes, how to add finishing touches to your gluten-free cake shouldn’t be a worry either.  If you know your way around a kitchen and want something a bit more elaborate than a chocolate or vanilla cake, check out this equisite Praline Rooibos Opera Cake prepared by gluten-freer, Sheltie Girl.  But if you’re like me and are cooking-challenged, there are bakeries across the country that can supply gluten-free eaters with a delicious dessert on their birthdays.

I was lucky enough to sample some gluten-free desserts from Buzz, a bakery and cafe located in Alexandria, Virginia.  Their vanilla and chocolate cupcakes are delightfully sweet treats whether you are celebrating your birthday or simply having an afternoon snack.  Buzz can also make gluten-free chocolate, vanilla and German chocolate cakes from 6 to 16 inches, but make sure to call and order them 48 hours ahead of time.

My personal favorite Buzz treat, however, is their gluten-free bird brownie.  If you want to throw tradition to the wind and treat yourself to a birthday brownie, you won’t be disappointed.  They are both rich and moist, satisfying even my ravenous sweet tooth!  If you are both a chocolate lover and a nut lover like me, you’ll enjoy this brownie as well.  It contains both toasted almonds and walnuts and the additional ingredient of Illy espresso gives it a little extra something.  Make sure to call and place your order at Buzz ahead of time to ensure you get the cupcakes or brownies you want, when you want them.

As friends and loved ones’ birthdays roll around this year, give the gift of cake!  Whether your want to get it store-made or make it yourself, birthday cake (as well as other desserts) can go back on the menu for all those with celiac disease.

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