A Gluten-Free Economy

With surging gas prices deepening those ever gaping holes in our fraying, blue jean pockets, it’s comforting to know that the economy retains some bright patches.

According to the news site, eNews 2.0, the market for food allergy and intolerance products is enjoying an uptick, with gluten-free items contributing to the rising tide.

The market might exceed $3.9 billion this year with gluten-free beverages and munchies topping off at $1.3 billion before decade’s end. This figure is up from $700 million in 2006.

New York based National Association for the Specialty Food Trade predicts that more than 250 of its 2,800 participants provide at least 7,000 no-allergenic products. Five short years go only about 50 members did.

So, while this news brief might do little to solve your gas woes, it garners yet another gold star for gluten-free living.

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