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Stonyfield Farm yogurtIf you haven’t noticed while browsing the shelves at your local grocery store, Stonyfield Farm is proudly proclaiming its recent gluten-free certification by GFCO on their yogurt tops.  While some of its products are still off limits, many others, like my sister’s favorite lowfat organic yogurt, have been given the green light for gluten-free dieters.  Since it was already in my refrigerator, I decided to reach for a spoon.

I’m rather picky about my yogurt, especially when it comes to texture.  I prefer those that call themselves ‘creamy’ or ‘whipped’ and have no smooth-defying fruit chunks.  Stonyfield Farm’s lowfat yogurts are made up of fruit, located at the bottom of the container, and plain yogurt on top.  If you have a chunky yogurt phobia like me, this is somewhat helpful; you can mix the yogurt to fit your desire.  However, I’m partial to zero fruit chunks so for me, the texture was okay but not great.

Out of Stonyfield Farm’s ten lowfat flavors, I’ve tried four: blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, and ‘Just Peachy.’  Each has a subtle and tasty flavor that I attribute mostly to the plain yogurt itself; while I usually pass if it’s plain, the unmixed yogurt tasted good just by itself!  And whether you’re dieting or indulging, Stonyfield Farm allows you to stick to your desired diet with their fat free, lowfat, and whole milk yogurt options.

If yogurt by itself doesn’t spark your interest, Stonyfield Farm has a database of recipes from pastas to desserts that use yogurt.  Either search for gluten-free recipes or try your hand at converting dishes into celiac-friendly delights.   (To be on the safe side, I’d make sure the gf recipes really are gf.)  And if none of these look good, check out Dianne at Gluten Free Journey’s tasting looking yogurt, honey, and walnut snack.  It’s looks both simple to make and like a good way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

If Stonyfield Farm’s flavors, calories, and fruit-lined bottom sound good, check out their store locator to find some yogurt near you.  And keep an eye out for more gf items from this company in the future.  While their yogurt, smoothies, and soy-yogurt  have been deemed gluten-free by the GFCO, other Stonyfield Farm products are in the process of certification.

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