Cluing in to Gluten free

It might not perfectly reflect the Pacific blue, but gluten-free living is indeed a vast, mysterious ocean for those growing in their knowledge of celiac disease and its many faces.

From its variety of symptoms, namely gastroenterological ailments to its core cures, chiefly the gluten-free diet, this conundrum of a chronic digestive disaster gives its sufferer’s much to learn.

The good news is that once celiacs learn the ropes of their diets, the sufferer label melts away–it recedes along with cramping and integestion. Cookbooks like Danna Korn and Connie Sarros’ Gluten-free Cooking for Dummies , helps to accelerate the celiac learning curve.

According the the Daily Gazette blog’s food forum, Korn and Sarros provide a chatty, easy-going, but informative primer on how people with wheat allergies can still enjoy a good meal. Their 150 recipe ideas include flatbread, waffles, spinach pie, cookies, cakes, lasagna and more.

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