Kiss My Gluten Free Grits!

While wheat may be hidden in many products, some breakfast cereals passionately trumpet this ingredient, not only in their labels but in their names as well. Wheaties? Cream of Wheat? Come on, we get it already – you’re made of wheat! Perhaps this is ultimately helpful for the gf dieter, but it also seems like a taunt.

Maybe the fact that so many cereals are bursting at the box corners with wheat has driven several gf bloggers to take on the subject of gluten-free cereal. If you’re in the mood for a cold cereal that’s met with a gf blogger’s stamp of approval, check out The Gluten Free Blog’s review of New Morning’s Cocoa Crispy Rice or Allergic Girl’s thoughts on Erewhon’s Crispy Rice. Or even take a look at our previous posts on Rice Chex and EnviroKidz cereal.

But on the few cool June mornings that are left, sometimes a bowl of cold cereal just won’t cut it. You want something with a bit of heat, that will warm up your insides and be a satisfying beginning to your day. Afraid of gluten found in many hot cereals? Tell Cream of Wheat to ‘kiss my gf grits!’ because there are gf hot cereal options out there just waiting to be heated up.

I did a comparison of two rice cream cereals: Lundberg’s Purely Organic Hot’n Creamy Rice Cereal and Erewhon’s Brown Rice Cream. There are many similarities between the two: both are low fat, organic, obviously gluten free, and taste somewhat similar. However, while both advertise that they are whole-grain and made with brown rice, I think it’s Lundberg’s “oven-roasted organic whole grain California brown rice” that gives it a little extra something.

Also, Lundberg’s has microwave instructions, which does make it somewhat easier and faster to make for the completely cooking incompetent like myself (improv’ing your own microwave instructions for Erewhon’s, however, is completely possible – I did it). Although made for the stove, Erewhon’s hot cereal instructions also include an intriguing apple juice instead of water suggestion to give your cereal an added sweetness.

A word of advice when eating whichever cereal you choose: while I enjoyed my gf hot cereal sampler breakfast (adding some blueberries to give it a healthy but sweet kick), it is a heavy, stick-to-your ribs meal, so be aware. I’ve been eating lightly in the mornings for the last couple months and my stomach was in a bit of a shock at my breakfast change.

Update: I initially planned on doing a three way comparison of gf hot cereals so here it is! The third and final hot cereal I tried was Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Farina. While similar to the other two I tried in taste and contents, the Farina cereal has a unique quality: it’s texture. For those wishing to relive the days of grits, this cereal will let you do that. It’s grains of rice are less fine in texture and while you can alter the thickness and thinness of the overall cereal with how much you cook it (there are microwave instructions! yes!) the cereal is generally grainy. If a spoon full of rice grits in the morning is what you’ve been missing, try some and see if you have a new favorite breakfast.

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