Triumph Gluten-Free's Blogger of the Month #1

With ‘Triumph Gluten-Free’s Blogger of the Month,’ we will be putting out an entry every four weeks or so to recognize great bloggers who benefit the gf community.  It’s an opportunity to find out about gf bloggers you didn’t know were out there, for us to acknowledge the great blogging that’s going on in our community, and for me to go on and on about my latest blogger-crushes!

Triumph Gluten-Free’s Blogger of  the Month for July is Béa, from La Tartine Gourmande.  Her blog is not solely gluten-free, however its index of gf recipes is a cornucopia of great eats, from vegetable stew to lime mousse.  If the lime mousse didn’t give it away, this is a blog of exquisite food.  While many gf bloggers’ recipes seem over my head, with Béa’s, I feel like cooking’s a foreign language.  But this is more because of her beautiful photographs that make these dishes look like masterpieces (and my own cooking handicaps) than because of the recipes themselves, at least not all of them.  For example, check out her Apple Juice Sabayon, an easy to make treat that looks like a five star restaurant’s dessert special.

So check out this blog.  Make fancy dishes for your gluten free loved ones.  Check out some beautiful photography.  And add another blogger to your daily blog reading regimen.

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