Gluten Free Strips, Not Chips

Sick of your old tortilla chips? Dump the chips, and get strips. Green Mountain Gringo’s gluten free Tortilla Strips come in a couple varieties including organic blue corn. Personally, I think there’s not enough blue foods out there, so I went straight for those. They look a little more purple than blue, but hey, purple foods are rather rare too so I still felt like I was enjoying a pretty special treat.

Now if you couldn’t tell from the title of this entry, Green Mountain Gringo is all about the strips. “Not to be compared to any other ‘dipping utensil,’ the Strip was invented to go beyond sturdy and reliable to reach a whole new level of taste satisfaction. A solid rectangle of pure leverage makes it stable enough for the most aggressive dippers,” reads the blue Tortilla Strip product information. You have to appreciate their passion, don’t you? While I wouldn’t say it in those words exactly, I would say that I didn’t notice these Tortilla Strips break off in my guac.

While Green Mountain Gringo stresses the durability, I’d emphasis the taste and ingredients. Not too salty and a satisfying list of ‘no’s’ and ‘frees:’ no preservatives, no trans fat, GMO free, allergen free and, not least of all, gluten free.

While I used my Tortilla Strips to snack on some pretty yummy guacamole, you could test out that legendary durability with some of Green Mountain Gringo’s gluten free salsa. You can also try your hand at some bloggers’ gf creations. Check out Karina’s Kitchen’s tasty looking Blue Corn Chip Fritatta and Nachos Fabuloso for two creative blue chip recipes. Or if you want to eat some salsa and make it too, take a look at Cindalou’s Kitchen Blues for her Corn and Cilantro Salsa; this recipe looks good for all the cilantro lovers out there, and those who want a little spice with their Strip.

While I picked my Tortilla Strips up at Whole Foods, you can also order them at Green Mountain Gringo’s online store (a place for the Green Mountain Gringo enthusiast, with accessories that’ll let the world know where you fall on the strip versus chip divide.)

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