Let Them Eat Gluten Free Cake (Part 2)

A few weeks ago, I reminded readers of the joys of birthday cakes and sweet treats, encouraging gluten free’ers to rejoin the cake bandwagon and eat this delicious dessert. Today, I’m taking up this mantle again to champion the latest bakery in my area, CakeLove. CakeLove sells ‘cakes from scratch’ in locations across the Washington DC metropolitan area and just opened their latest shop in Tysons Corner, conveniently a hop, skip and a jump away from me.

While CakeLove isn’t a completely gf bakery, they try to have gluten-free cupcakes (chocolate or vanilla with chocolate or vanilla buttercream frosting) in all their locations daily; however, they encourage customers to call ahead to make sure they are available when they come. Also, you can call and order your gluten free cakes or cupcakes four days ahead of time.

Having tried a CakeLove gluten-free chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing, and a vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing, I wasn’t surprised to hear from one CakeLove representative that many customers thank them for supplying these gluten-free treats. These are not the corn bread-esque cupcakes that crumble in your hand. Remember moisture? You’ll find it here. And the keyword in buttercream vanilla icing is definitely buttercream. This creamy icing compliments the soft cake and leaves you sweetly satisfied.

If you don’t live near this newly opened CakeLove or any of their other locations, don’t fret. It seems like bakeries with gf items are popping up across the country as of late. Just a few days ago, Sinfully Gluten Free opened its doors to salivating celiacs in Miamisburg, Ohio. Portland Oregon also recently became home to a gluten free bakery called New Cascadia Traditional. Check out CeliacChicks’ entry on this bakery for a review and some picture of gf goodies that will make your mouth water. And definitely leave a comment and let me know about any good gluten-free bakeries in your area!

Even if your town isn’t being blessed with a gf bakery any time soon, bloggers are continuously picking up the slack with their recipes and product reviews. So look to your gf online community. Bloggers like Sure Foods Living, with her entry on how to make sure your child doesn’t go without the traditional cupcake, will help you keep some necessary sweetness in your life.

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