It's a Sin to Taste this Good

What does ‘gluten-free’ mean? While the FDA may still be struggling with this one, for many the word is associated with negatives: crumbly, tasteless, mealy. While Triumph Gluten-Free! is devoted to presenting you with foods that break this definition, so too is Sinfully Gluten Free, the newly opened Ohio gf bakery I mentioned in my previous post. Their tagline on reads “Not Your Ordinary Gluten-Free,” and for those who have confused a cupcake with stale cornbread, this is definitely true.

If you are like me, combination desserts are the best. Like cookies and cupcakes? Grab a frosted cookie. Ever thought of cheesecake plus brownies? Check out this delectable recipe by Cassandra at Delightfully Gluten Free. And you know somebody has to be keeping those Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin-Robbins joint stores in business. The only bad combo I can think of is the combination of deep frying and candy bar which tasted like a chocolate-filled egg roll. But solidly in the good combo category you will find the Peanut Butter Cup Cookie (a cookie plus a peanut butter cup). Shaped like a mini cupcake, the Peanut Butter Cup Cookie has a hole on top in which a small peanut butter cup is placed and melted.

Crumbly? Mealy? Tasteless? Nope. The Peanut Butter Cup Cookie has a pie crust-like texture outside, with scrumptiously sweet (but not overwhelming) peanut butter and chocolate on top. Even my coworker who is not a fan of peanut butter thought the cookie was delicious. So all you peanut butter naysayers out there, take a bite! You just might be converted.

And even if you refuse to get on the peanut butter bandwagon, Sinfully Gluten Free has a myriad of desserts from lemon bars to brownies. Don’t worry if you are a reader from outside Ohio drooling over the thought of a gf lemon bar. Perhaps the best thing about Sinfully Gluten Free for the non-Buckeyes out there is that they will ship these gf treats to your door. So get ready to sin your way to gluttony with these gf delights, because as Sinfully Gluten Free says, these aren’t ordinary gluten-free.

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