Triumph Gluten-Free! Blogger of the Month #2

(I hope you’re all getting jazzed about our new Celiac Awareness campaign! Keep spreading the word!)

So I’m feeling a little guilty about my baked good-obsessed blog posts lately. I am actually trying to lose a few pounds this summer so what I really should be concentrating on is healthy living, not sugar, fat and gluten-less gluttony. Therefore I went in search of a healthy gf blog, and up popped Eat’n Veg’n, a vegan blog with some great looking gluten-free recipes.

Eat’n Veg’n is both a calorie counter, and a lover of food: two critical qualities that go into the creation of delicious, nutritious meals. You don’t want low calories and no taste, now do you? So whether you are a weight watcher or a food aficionado, you can find something here that will meet your dietary and taste needs. However, celiacs will want to note which recipes are labeled gluten-free because not all are. So keep your eyes pealed and your kitchen utensils out.

Personally what I appreciate most about this healthy blogger is her healthy desserts! Some health-conscious treat recipes allow you to indulge without the scale-related downside. And Eat’n Veg’n will not only let you know what’s good to eat, but how to serve it. Check out her latest entry on how to turn your salad bowl into a work of art.

Don’t want to take my word for Eat’n Veg’n’s top blogger worthiness? She’s also received the Brillante Weblog award from fellow bloggers plus been listed as one of the top 100 health-inspiring blogs. So exactly what are you waiting for? Check her blog out for yourself and find something low fat and fabulous to snack on.

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