Buttery Caramel or Bust?

Alright, we’re back to food combos. If you recall my past entry on the bakery, Simply Gluten-Free, I am adamantly against fried candy bars, but pretty positive about the rest of the food combinations that are out there. I came across Lundberg’s Buttery Caramel Rice Cakes in Whole Foods the other day and was intrigued.

I really liked Lundberg’s Purely Organic Hot’n Creamy Rice Cereal that I wrote on previously, but what stood out most to me when first noticing this snack was the ‘buttery caramel’ flavor. Butter and caramel are not two things I’d necessarily choose to put together. Then again, it reminds me, in theory, of kettle corn’s salty and sweet flavoring: two distinct and very different tastes that usually are kept separate but when put together with popcorn is actually very good. So I thought Lundberg had done me well in the past, I might as well give it a go and see if I could place it in the column of good food combinations.

What ironically stands out about these rice cakes is their subtly. Kettle corn, or at least the types I’ve tried, is a snack of intense saltiness and sweetness that when you eat too much is like a taste explosion in your mouth. These rice cakes, however, have just a hint of caramel flavoring. (So I guess my kettle corn analogy wasn’t so great.) I didn’t notice the butter, but perhaps this means the combination was correctly blended together to make one noticeable taste. While I’m usually all about loud, intense flavors, I think these rice cakes have a pleasant, delicate flavor that many will enjoy. Rice cakes are light to begin with, and a light flavoring seems appropriate.

What’s good for the celiacs out there with other dietary needs, is that it is also both diary-free and vegan. And for calorie counters, 80 calories per rice cake seems pretty good to me.

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