Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers Keep Us Sane

Zojirushi Rice Cooker
My father-in-law doesn’t eat gluten and hates cooking. Although he buys tasty gluten-free  bread, he’s not too charmed by its propensity to crumble in his hands. Enter the fuzzy logic rice cooker. He just measures rice into the removable bowl, rinses it a few times, fills the bowl with water or broth, and punches the “Cook Rice” button. That’s it. Now he wakes up every morning to hot fresh rice. It’s easy to make perfect rice, and the nonstick surface makes washing a snap. Furthermore, he thinks switching to rice has helped him lose weight; nothing goes better with a bowl of rice than a heap of steamed vegetables.

An extra bonus: You can also make quinoa, polenta, and other gluten-free grains in the rice cooker. But be forewarned: anything with oatmeal or egg in it tends to get pretty messy.

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