bread machineMy aunt and uncle have been using a regular bread machine for years to make celiac-safe bread, so I was surprised to find that Breville has come out with a bread machine, the $270 ikon Baker’s Oven, which sports a gluten-free program. The gluten-free program seems to improve the texture of GF breads. Luckily for us, Breville appears to part of a widening trend. Superchef Emeril Legasse has come out with a bread machine for $160 which also touts GF bells and whistles. Regular and miniature Zojirushi Home Bakery machines ($190 and $180, respectively) include a GF bread recipe tested on their machines.  Breadman machines, one of our Top Ten gluten-free gifts, make GF bread for a mere $95.

Bread machines reduce mess, control dough-rising temperature, and allow to you go to sleep or to work and return to a hot loaf of bread. I personally like using the machine just to make dough and then cook the loaf in the oven. If you don’t want to spend time seeking sorghum flour and the like, simplify the process further with a GF bread machine mix. Bob’s Red Mill, The Gluten-Free Pantry, and Pamela’s are just some of the companies that make a variety of delicious GF mixes. Fortunately the gluten-free community has made its voice heard, and now there are a ton of choices for your dining pleasure.

If you or anyone you know owns one of these machines or uses one of these mixes, please write the blog. We’d love to post your comments.