New Supplement May Help Celiacs Digest Gluten

pillsRecently I read in the Herald Sun about a new supplement, ALV003, manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. The supplement “could protect coeliac disease sufferers from bowel damage and a fourfold increased risk of osteoporosis and cancer.” It would serve as an adjunct to your gluten-free diet to catch that little bit of gluten that manages to sneak in despite your best efforts.  According to the the Sun, “trials with 20 Melbourne coeliac patients have shown that those mixing the supplement with gluten-rich foods for three days suffered no ill-effects.” Pretty exciting! The supplement works by degrading gluten, making it “less toxic” for celiacs. All you need to know? ALV003 is still on trial in Australia, so it will be a while before this supplement is widely available. But it’s nice to know that scientists around the world are working to make our lives better.

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  1. In reference to the ALV003 supplement currently being tested in Australia, I have been using a product called GlutenEase (DPPIV Activity) as well as NSI DPP IV Gluten Peptide Enzymes 100mg, along with a strict GF diet, with good results. I use this supplement once daily in the morning, and then again when eating out or when I have any doubts about the purity of either a medication or food. This regimine seems to have helped me to achieve excellent results in my latest blood tests, whereas before I began taking the supplement my blood tests came back with high levels of gluten markers despite my best efforts to maintain GF diet.
    Has anyone else had experience with these products? I’d like to hear about other people’s experience.

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