A Cooking Show For the Rest of Us

The Missing IngredientAs the gluten-free community grows more and more sophisticated, we develop cooking resources that the rest of the eat-anything crowd already enjoys. One example of this is “The Missing Ingredient,” a cooking show devoted to people with food allergies. The host of the show, Frank Baldassare, is a celiac himself who dedicates his life to “providing people with the tools they need to bring about positive change.” Because Mr. Baldassare is not only a licensed Massage Therapist and fitness expert but also has managed restaurants and a record label, he seems peculiarly suited to host the first ever cooking show for the GF community.

I watched his demonstration on how to make gluten-free arancini (fried risotto balls) and gnocchi, and I was impressed by how easy he made the gluten-free adaptation of gourmet Italian food seem. The same nonchalance characterized his Mexican menu as well. His breakfast video contained a few of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments, especially when he showed how to make a quick fresh jam out of raspberries and honey. Mr. Baldassare expanded his discussion of healthful ingredients beyond those of allergies—he talked about his preference for raw unfiltered honey and goat as a source of dairy and even warned against using teflon, aluminum, and other common cookware materials. I liked that he offered both fancier and quicker options for breakfast. I also enjoyed watching his handsome dogs wolf down leftovers. They clearly relish his cooking!

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