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Fresh Baked Bread Anyone Can Eat

bread machineMy aunt and uncle have been using a regular bread machine for years to make celiac-safe bread, so I was surprised to find that Breville has come out with a bread machine, the $270 ikon Baker’s Oven, which sports a gluten-free program. The gluten-free program seems to improve the texture of GF breads. Luckily for us, Breville appears to part of a widening trend. Superchef Emeril Legasse has come out with a bread machine for $160 which also touts GF bells and whistles. Regular and miniature Zojirushi Home Bakery machines ($190 and $180, respectively) include a GF bread recipe tested on their machines.  Breadman machines, one of our Top Ten gluten-free gifts, make GF bread for a mere $95.

Bread machines reduce mess, control dough-rising temperature, and allow to you go to sleep or to work and return to a hot loaf of bread. I personally like using the machine just to make dough and then cook the loaf in the oven. If you don’t want to spend time seeking sorghum flour and the like, simplify the process further with a GF bread machine mix. Bob’s Red Mill, The Gluten-Free Pantry, and Pamela’s are just some of the companies that make a variety of delicious GF mixes. Fortunately the gluten-free community has made its voice heard, and now there are a ton of choices for your dining pleasure.

If you or anyone you know owns one of these machines or uses one of these mixes, please write the blog. We’d love to post your comments.

Gluten-Free Gourmet Meal on Long Island

GF Chef Joseph FelicettaAttention all celiacs! I’d like to alert you to a fabulous one-time opportunity to eat your heart out at a restaurant on Long Island. Oysterman’s Restaurant and Pub in Sayville, NY generally serves New American cuisine and seafood. On December 9th, they are inviting gluten-free chef Joseph Felicetta to cook a six-course gluten-free gourmet meal for $75 per person. Chef Felicetta learned three years ago they had celiac disease and felt compelled to quit working at restaurants out of fear of cross-contamination. This was quite a loss to the eating community considering that he was an important chef at the former Octopus Garden in Port Washington, Fusion Grill in East Setauket, Allegro in Bay Shore, Casa Rustica in Smithtown and the Bayport House in Bayport. Here is the menu Chef Felicetta is planning:

  • Assorted hors d’oeurves
  • Sparkling rose N.V., Calvados, Spain
  • Ceviche Peruviano (wild-caught Montauk striped bass and sea scallops with fresh lemon, lime and orange juices, cilantro, jalapeno and sweet peppers, with wasabi tobiko and pickled red onions)
  • Sauvignon blanc, 2007, Casa Patronales, Chile
  • Autumn bisque (seasonal roots and lilies, herbs and asafoetida, Blue Point oyster garni, basil oil)
  • Bordeaux blend, 2006 organic Ranch House Red, Napa Valley
  • Intermezzo sorbet
  • Filet tournedo, Gorgonzola crown, pinot noir demiglace with jumbo scampi garni, LI potato galette, asparagus Polonaise
  • Adobe Clayhouse Vineyard red, 2006, California
  • Flourless chocolate torte, fresh whipped cream, cherries montmorency garni
  • Deco chocolate port

Run, don’t walk, to the phone and dial 631-589-7775 to make a reservation. After all, we really should support other members of the gluten-free community. It only requires a little sacrifice on your part. Enjoy!

Hassle-Free Meals: Internet Assistance

foodI love all those computer and internet tools that make life easier: Mapquest, Turbotax, and Google Calender, just to name a few. Now there’s a website for people with common food allergies called Meal Plans Without. This is how it works: You pay $25 a month and in turn you gain access to the site. Every week you log in to find 5 suggested meals that focus on fresh vegetables, healthy grains, chicken, and seafood while avoiding wheat, dairy, corn, and soy. You tailor the menus to your needs and then print out a personalized shopping list. When it’s time to make dinner, you just follow the instructions for the whole meal. It should take 30 minutes or less to make and be really easy.

Not sure you want to plunge right in? You can try it out for free for 14 days. Or if that’s too much of a commitment, check out their demo.

Top 10 Gluten-Free Gifts

Top 10 GF GiftsThanksgiving is over…and it’s time to shop for holiday presents! The team at Triumph has put together a list of our top 10 favorite gluten-free holiday gifts. We hope you have fun checking out our list, and we’d love to hear what’s on yours! No matter who you’re buying for (family, friends, even yourself), let us know what you think the best gluten free holiday gifts are.

Have a wonderful, healthy and happy holiday season from everyone here at Triumph Dining.

The Team at Triumph Dining

Gluten-Free Makeup

Gluten-Free makeupMost discussions of gluten-free products naturally center around food. Until I came across Naturally Dah’ling, a website devoted to natural and gluten-free skin care products, I never considered the effect of gluten on my skin. Once Kristin, the founder of Naturally Dah’ling, discovered she had an intolerance for gluten, she began enthusiastically spreading the word about natural, eco-friendly, gluten-free products. On her user-friendly site you can read about eye shadow, mineral foundation, mascara, and several others stylish beauty products. She explains how she knows these products are genuinely gluten-free and 100% natural, and she helpfully supplies gorgeous photographs of each product. Watch her on You Tube testing a tube of Dr. Hauschka Organic Lipstick for gluten!