Blogger of the Month #4: Celiac Chicks

celiac chicks Kim and KellyKelly and Kim, the Celiac Chicks, met at work in NYC. Kelly had been eating gluten-free for 10 years and was doing great, while Kim didn’t feel so good. She tried Kelly’s diet for a while and as she put it, hello sunshine! These energetic women wanted a fun celiac community of their own, and Celiac Chicks was born. It really is a community. Readers are welcome to post entries about their experience with restaurants, and the Celiac Chicks focus on what others in the gluten-free community are doing. They review books, ask for feedback, post their own cooking experiments, draw attention to news important to the community, and even write about gluten-free living on non-celiac blogs (check out Kelly’s tips on Navigating Celebrations). They have a fantastic set of links, a newsletter, gorgeous photos, their own line of clothing, and a well-organized website. Their most unexpected articles concern Finland, Land of Gluten-free Paradise. Check out their “hip and healthy” site, although be forewarned: many of the so-called healthy recipes seem to be dessert! Not that I mind.

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