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Gluten Free FoxGoogle Insights reports that gluten-free internet searching is up 150% since 2004. Perhaps that’s why Kristen Campbell of Naturally Dah’ling (previously reviewed on this blog) and Taylor Brown, an internet marketing manager, have united to create the world’s first gluten-free search engine. Gluten Free Fox, as it’s known, is still very new. You should not yet expect it to immediately meet your every single GF searching need, but what it can do already is very promising. As soon as you enter the site you are greeted with several interesting articles on gluten-free living. It’s easy to browse recipes; I have several unused sweet potatoes at home so I typed in “sweet potatoes” and immediately got several results for both recipes and products., Gluten Free Mommy, and Karina’s Kitchen notably popped up several times. When I input “itchy skin” I received three informative articles from Allergy Gluten Show and pages more from other sources. But I know I’m easily impressed, so as a last test I typed in “persnickety” and I received two pages of articles (most from Gluten Free Girl)! That just shows what a wide-ranging and powerful search engine this is. Try it out for yourself, and enjoy.

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