Gluten-Free Pantries

pantryI very much enjoyed reading NYTimes food writer Mark Bittman’s suggestions for how to stock your pantry. All but a few items on his list were gluten-free. I’m going to follow some of his suggestions, especially the substitution of sherry vinegar for balsamic and dried beans for canned.

His list also reminded me of Gluten Free Mom’s description of her pantry. I found that very interesting and it informed my own pantry when I next went shopping. Unlike Bittman, she lists mostly products and suggests certain brands. She also notes that all her food is “kid-approved.” This is where she and I should part ways: even when I was a kid I didn’t like much of the food other kids craved. However it seems that she feeds her kids decent stuff that I as both child and adult would be pretty happy to eat.

How do you stock your shelves?

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