Online Shopping, Gluten-Free

Gluten Free Live Logo Thanks to My Celiac Blog, I learned that there is an entire online shopping area, partnered with Amazon, where you can buy exclusively gluten-free items. This site, Gluten Free Live, is a place where cross-contamination is so contained that you can’t even link to a description of a gluten-containing product. Where you can’t even read the word “gluten” without immediately reading “free.” What I’m talking about, my friends, is a place where you can be yourself, a place where you can go on a GF Shopping BONANZA. They carry bread, bread mix, cereal, cookies, crackers, energy bars, flour, fruit bars, meals, pancake mix, pretzels, pizza, vegetarian, casein-free, books, bread machines, and rice makers (my #1 favorite!). So what are you still reading this blog for? You’re so thin. You need some meat on your bones. Go shop already!

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