From Susan Baranowsky, Director of Consumer Affairs:

“I would like to clear up any confusion that may have resulted from Campbell’s recent review of the gluten-free status of our Prego and Pace products. After FDA issued its proposed regulation about gluten-free food labeling, Campbell temporarily removed some products from our “Gluten-Free” List so that we could review and update our checking and validation processes. We did this to ensure that we could provide consumers with the most accurate and up-to-date information. We re-checked each and every ingredient in each of the products on our list, and, as a further safeguard, we analyzed each product to assure that even incidental levels of gluten were not present. A product could not go back into our “Gluten-Free” List until each of these steps had been completed successfully. The Swanson Stock and Broth products that appear on our list successfully completed this process in June. Very shortly, we will complete the same process, including the analysis, on our Prego line. Our updated “Gluten Free” List, including many of your favorite Prego products, will be available in early January to consumers who call us at 1-800-44-BROTH or 1-888-FOR-PREGO. Products in the Pace and Swanson Canned Poultry brands have been removed because they are currently being scheduled for the same rigorous review. Sorry for the length of my reply but I wanted to answer all your concerns. Please share this information with other concerned consumers. Thanks for listening. “