Gluten Free YouTube Videos

Alternative Cook LogoAlternative Cook Jean Duane posts about gluten- and dairy-free cooking on You Tube. She currently has eight videos up. Most of them run a little over two minutes, and because some of that time is taken up by introductory and closing music, you can imagine how concise and focused these videos are. The older posts promote her GFCF baking cookbook and line of DVDs, which teaches how to cook GFCF Mexican, Italian, kids’ meals and chocolate. She also has an Amazing Statistics video, probably redundant for those of our blog readers who keep up to date on medical information. I found clear and informative her demonstration on how to substitute nut milk for cow milk and pureed flax seeds for eggs. It was nice to see all the alternative flours available to celiacs, although I wished she could have discussed their uses just a bit more. The last two videos were posted just three weeks ago, so keep an eye out for her upcoming work.

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