Gluten-Free Grocery Store Opens in California

Simply Gluten FreeThat’s right! An ENTIRELY gluten-free grocery store! If you’re lucky enough to live anywhere near Thousand Oaks, CA, you should pop over Tuesday through Saturday to check out Simply Gluten Free. They carry food, books, gift items, and “Just Diagnosed” gift baskets. Every item has a nutritional label. Simply Gluten Free will even special-order products not readily available on the West Coast and deliver items free to residents of the Conejo Valley. The two owners of the store are a celiac and the daughter of a celiac. Check out their online store as well—they have a nice selection of GF Italian ingredients.

2 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Grocery Store Opens in California”

  1. This place is great! The owners are very knowledgeable. The store contains both items that state that they are “gluten-free” on the package and also items that they have contacted the company directly to find out if they are gluten free or not.

    They pick their items based on what their customers say about the products. If there is something that you like, then they order it and put it in the store for everyone else to enjoy.

    They also get shipments from the “Sensitive Baker” in Culver City, which is great because the Sensitive Baker is closed on Saturdays. They can also order items directly from the Sensitive Baker and then have it in the store the next week.

    I highly recommend this store. Kinda far away for anyone that lives in Los Angeles, but it’s worth the effort to try new products that you won’t get at Trader Joes or Whole Foods.

  2. I am living in Philadelphia PA and will be coming to Los Angeles on Monday June 11, 2012. I am interested in seeing your store and meeting with you. My 5 year old son was diagnosed with celiac several months ago and there is no store in Philadelphia that carries more than a few gluten free items. I have a close friend in the supermarket business that is putting a plan together with me to do exactly what you are doing, in the Philadelphia area. Would I be able to come to your store on Tuesday June 12 to meet with you for about an hour? I would really like to speak with you about your business.

    Let me know if you are available to speak.

    Thank You,

    Marc Swarbrick

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