Gluten Free for Dummies

Gluten-Free For DummiesAnother step has been taken towards educating the public on Celiac Disease. Danna Korn, founder of Raising Our Celiac Kids (ROCK), has written a book called Gluten Free For Dummies. I’m a big fan of the Dummies series; that’s how I learned my way around a Macintosh. Besides giving you a lot of gluten-free recipes from breakfast to dessert, Korn covers all the practical and emotional ins-and-outs of becoming gluten-free. Korn discovered in 1991 that her child had celiac disease, and at that time there were hardly the resources there are today; Korn figured out a lot of information by herself. She has already authored three other books on the gluten-free lifestyle, but GFFD is probably as comprehensive as it gets. You can read the table of contents and the index on Amazon.

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