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We’ve already mentioned the free online GF magazine, Easy Eats, and the classic ‘zine on the shelves, Living Without. Now we have the pleasure of adding a new, glossy magazine to the list of GF reading options: Delight gluten free Magazine. One of our GF blog friends, Delightfully Gluten Free, is involved in the creation of this visually appealing publication, so you have the opportunity to support the online community by taking a peek. If you are one of the first 200 people to subscribe, you receive the first issue free. It’s $14 per year for all four issues of Delight, one for each season.

They have a section each issue devoted to “indulgent” recipes. In this issue that includes recipes for popovers, bacon-wrapped dates, tiramisu, and mini pavlovas. They also have a section on how to make any meal “healthy and delicious,” so there’s something for every mood. Like Easy Eats, Delight will feature a Travel section devoted to gluten-free finds across the globe. Delight will have a Q&A with a doctor, and you can submit your questions to him/her online. You can also submit your stories about living with celiac disease, and the magazine will feature a different story each issue. Basically the format does not differ so much from that of Living Without, but while Living Without focuses on all sorts of food intolerances and allergies, Delight is just for the gluten-free.

Perhaps the most compelling feature of Delight is the mix of people who produce it: Justina Dean, a wedding photographer; Vanessa Maltin, a GF cookbook author, Director-Manager of a subsection of Health Care for Americans Now, former Director of Programming and Communications for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, and a former journalist; Kimberly Beattie, a professional baker and chocolatier who co-owns a gluten-free bakery that creates natural desserts for people with special dietary needs; Andrew Beattie, a chocolatier with wife Kimberly at the GF bakery; Emilia Stark, a GF food blogger living in Finland; and Mary Capone, owner of a gluten-free gourmet wholesale bakery, director of the Wheat Free Gourmet Cooking School, and author of a cookbook on GF Italian cookery. These are exactly the sort of people who you would want to create your gluten-free magazine!

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