Gluten-Free Blogger of the Month #5: 101 Cookbooks

hummusI was debating for a while whether or not San Francisco cookbook author Heidi Swanson could be considered a gluten-free blogger because her visually breathtaking, mouthwatering blog is not entirely gluten-free and she herself is not a celiac. She labels herself a healthy vegetarian with sweets thrown in. But when I returned for the fifth time this week to ogle a recipe for shiitake mushroom noodle salad with tamarind dipping sauce, I realized that the battle was already lost, and Heidi had won.

Before you start protesting that gluten-free bloggers of the month should only be celiacs, consider that Heidi’s blog, 101 Cookbooks, has 78 gluten-free recipes on it—more recipes than found on many entirely gluten-free blogs. Each of these recipes is accompanied by an absolutely gorgeous photograph because Heidi is a professional photographer. This site has won all sorts of awards and garnered tons of praise. I think you will find it an excellent resource.

Some recipes you may enjoy:

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