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Gluten Free Travel Site logoThe Gluten Free Travel Site was started in 2007 by Karen Broussard, who was traveling at that time with her gluten-free son in the Caribbean. While they had a good experience with the kitchen staff at their resort, she felt that if she wrote about her experiences it would make it easier for others to travel in the Caribbean gluten-free. On the Travel Site people write about their experiences traveling gluten-free all over the world. It’s easy to search for reviews in the area to which you’re traveling. I looked up Illinois and found a lot of information about GF deep dish pizza options. They also have a featured, more extensive review of places, like Yosemite National Park, that you might not have considered easy for celiacs. One pleasant surprise was reviews that I found of cruise ships that go to specific places. When I searched Australia, I found a review of the Clipper Odyssey cruise ship to Australia and New Zealand. There was even a useful review of the entire country of Papua New Guinea!

If you wish to submit a review, registration is free and easy. I’m sure many of our readers have some valuable travel insights to share.

Broussard also maintains a helpful page on tips for GF travel and a blog to keep you up to date on GF travel news. This site is a very welcome addition to the GF online community.

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