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Easy to be Gluten Free recipe The other day I stumbled upon a fantastic resource for celiacs, Easy To Be Gluten Free. It’s basically a free online cookbook for celiacs that’s continuously updated. All the recipes are designed to be affordable, easy, and made with basic ingredients that are easy to find at your local grocery store. The anonymous author is a celiac who found it too difficult and expensive to keep finding specialty ingredients and products for a gluten-free diet. The author went through all his/her recipes at home and weeded out the ones that were naturally gluten-free, and Easy To Be Gluten Free was born.

The author writes,

“I’ve made most of these dishes only with the ingredients listed so if a recipe calls for heavy cream, I haven’t tried it with skim, soy or coconut milk.  I’m sure there are many variations that could be done but I’ve learned from experimenting that it’s time consuming, sometimes costly and requires willing taste testers to try every variation suggested.  I would encourage you to do what I’ve done and make these recipes your own and by all means, share your results so that even more variations can be made available to people like you and me who just want quick, easy and yummy gluten free food to eat!”

Some recipes that looked attractive to me: Baked Salsa Omelet, Cannoli Pudding, Chai Tea Mix, and Pinto Bean Dip. All are made with simple ingredients, and where the author modifies the original recipe there’s a polite asterisk with an explanation at the bottom of the page.

The site also has links to gluten-free bakeries in the United States, Celiac Resources, and an extensive Gluten Free Store which has several cookbooks, food products, and kitchen equipment.

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  1. I enjoy cooking and baking and have been gluten free for about 50 years.
    I really need to spice up and change some cooking habits. Would love to try some of the mexican, and asian recipes.

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