Lundberg Organic Porcini RisottoMy family loves Lundberg’s brown rice, so this is really great news for celiacs who eat a lot of rice products (show of hands, anyone?). According to the Sacramento Bee, people with celiac disease asked Lundberg Family Farms “to consider developing more rice-based convenience products, allowing them to eat more ‘normal’ foods.” The California company has more than 150 organic and whole grain rice products on the market and because of the request are working to ensure that more are certifiably gluten-free. Go here for a list of Lundberg’s currently GF foods: all varieties of their rice and flour, 4 kinds of pasta, 8 flavors of rice crackers, 11 kinds of organic rice cakes, 7 kinds of eco-farmed rice cakes, 3 varieties of “heat and eat organic rice bowls,” 2 kinds of rice syrup, 9 flavors of risotto, and one hot cereal.