Campbell\'s tomato juiceThanks to Gluten Free Raleigh for the information! The company writes,

Every effort is made to avoid cross-contact with our ingredients and products that have gluten ingredients. This includes sanitation controls, storage controls, manufacturing controls and product rework controls.”

Gluten-free products now include several of Swanson broths and stocks, Prego Italian sauces and Prego Heart Italian sauces, Campbell’s tomato juices, V8 Splash smoothies, V8 (and Diet V8) Splash juice blends, V8 vegetable juices, and V8 V-Fusion Blends. This is a big deal because dozens of juices, broths, and sauces are available to the gluten-free community through Campbell’s at every supermarket in the country. However there are no longer any Campbell soups available in the U.S. that are gluten-free.

  • has posted the updated March 2009 list from Campbell’s on this site.
  • Gluten-Free in SD has a specific list of their gluten-free products updated in February 2009 so that you can compare.
  • The Grocery Guide includes all of Campbell’s gluten-free products along with 1,100 other brand names.

To contact the company for more information call 1-800-257-8443.