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HipcooksGluten Free in Portland has tipped us off to a unique cooking class opportunity for celiacs. Hipcooks Portland at 3808 N Williams in N Portland (and also available at  2838 S. Robertson Blvd in LA and at Main St and Moulton Ave near downtown LA) offers an impressive list of gluten-free cooking classes. Each class is $55 and that includes all the ingredients plus beverages and wine with dinner. All the classes are small, hands-on, adult only, and end with a dinner party. Hipcooks proudly claims, “We ban measurements and encourage tasting to tease out your inner chef.”

Hipcooks is very welcoming to celiacs as this FAQ shows:

“Do you have gluten-free dairy free classes for Celiac peeps?
Yes, the whole Spring into Life series was pretty much MADE for you. Please check it out, it is very, very, very worthwhile. Otherwise, we can made certain adjustments to classes for you. Again, just let us know WELL in advance! The following classes can/may apply:

  • Healthy Fresh and Zingy – except for the ice cream sandwiches, but you can have just the ice cream!
  • Healthy Fresh and Zingy 2- as long as the pan for the cake is not dusted with flour.
  • Dinner for 15 – no crust on the chocolate tart. It is still SO good, though!
  • Elegant Intimate Dinner Party – same thing – no flour dusted in the pan of the cake.
  • Persian Immersion
  • Hot Soup Focus Group (yum!)”

The Spring Into Life Series, mentioned above, is a 4 workshop series, each class costing $130 and lasting 5 hours. They give you a $70 discount if you sign up for all 4 workshops. The second class is of particular interest to celiacs:

“Spring into Life! Class 2: I’m Freeee!

(See Class 1 for a full description of the series. Click here to purchase the entire series.) THIS CLASS COSTS $130 to attend! (the website may prompt you incorrectly)

Wheat Free, Dairy-free, Gluten Free! Lucky you….you have a jumpstart into a very happy and healthy life by eliminating (or even just restricting) these common allergens. This class will be tailored to those with wheat, gluten and dairy sensitivities or those who suspect they might have sensitivities. What are the causes of food sensitivities, physical symptoms of food sensitivities, how to test for food sensitivities. What the difference is between wheat-free and gluten free and how to decipher labels. What are dairy substitutes that are not freaky? This class will have a HUGE cooking portion with Monika, and will include LOTS of items as well as entire dinner party menus that are “Free!”, yet non-“Free!” people will not notice.”

It all sounds pretty delicious to me, so if you are looking to acquire Persian cuisine or master the art of gluten-free dinner parties, go ahead and sign up. Classes are running all the time.

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