Let them eat cake…er…as long as it's gluten-free.

Starbucks Goes Gluten-FreeEspresso brownies and chocolate chip cookies will take a backseat to a gluten-friendly treat next month when Starbucks Corp adds a gluten-free pastry item to its U.S. menu at the request of its customers, The Associated Press reported Friday.
The coffee-chain will debut the Valencia Orange Cake–a non-white flour snack baked with as few as seven gluten-free ingredients. The cake will be the first of what has the potential to become a long line of Starbucks desserts made available to customers with wheat allergies, cd or a health-nut bug.
As celiac awareness grows, popular food chains like Starbucks seek to expand their offerings to accomodate different diets and lifestyles.
A product manager in the food category said, “One thing we’ve learned is that our gluten-free customers can’t eat away from home easily. Cake can be hard for them to find.”
“Hard to find” is correct. Grocery store shelves are often chock-full of prepared desserts and miscellaneous baking products containing white flour and sugar. Still, a few commercial groceries are entering the gluten-free fray. About.com lists Kroger, Ralphs, Dillons, Gerbes and Food 4 Less as some of the relatively well-known supermarkets currently making the leap.
Starbucks, the most popular coffee-chain the U.S., will no doubt set a precedent for its competitors, challenging them to offer gluten-free snacks that compliment their java blends.
Starbucks will offer the Valenica Orange Cake for $2.25 a piece beginning May 5.

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