Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread Recipe

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I dislike eating zucchini because I find it so watery and bland. But these same qualities turn zucchini—like unsweetened applesauce—into a fantastic ingredient for both sandwich and dessert breads. Your bread will become moister and chewier. When you have too much zucchini (or the zucchini is too large and rubbery), do what my husband does and grate it in the food processor, then freeze it in plastic bags until you’re ready to make Zucchini Bread. A loaf of summery zucchini bread will brighten the drabbest winter.

If you pick up so much zucchini from your local CSA that even zucchini bread is losing its appeal, try these inventive recipes from the leading home chefs of the gluten-free community!

  • Maureen of Hold the Gluten likes it sweet in her original gluten-free Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread which sparkles with both agave nectar and demerara raw cane sugar. She holds it together with brown rice, millet, and sorghum flours plus baking soda, gf baking powder, and xantham gum.
  • Simply…Gluten Free‘s Carol tinkered for two weeks until she developed the ultimate Grain-Free Zucchini Bread. Almonds are the key ingredient here: ground almond meal and raw, creamy almond butter combined with cream of tartar and baking powder. She’s planning to experiment with adding lemon zest and a lemon glaze in the future. You could try it first!
  • An unusual ingredient list happened when a celiac commentator, “Rai,” suggested a GF substitution for Heidi’s (of 101 Cookbooks) zucchini bread: 3 Cups garbanzo bean flour and 1 1/5 tsp. xantham gum. The rest of Heidi’s original recipe contains walnuts, lemon zest, poppy seeds, vanilla extract, and curry powder, among other ingredients. Sounds extraordinary.
  • Erin of My Asperger’s Girl generously donates to us her mom’s gluten-free Zucchini bread recipe. Erin used a flour blend of millet flour, sorghum flour, potato starch flour, and tapioca starch flour. The quick bread also requires baking soda and gf baking powder plus xantham gum.
  • Celiac Teen Lauren created a gluten-free recipe that’s already been picked up by and lauded by other GF bloggers. It includes her flour mix of brown rice flour, sweet rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, xantham gum, and baking soda. The texture is decorated with walnuts, but I have heard people whispering about adding dried cranberries.

6 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread Recipe”

  1. I’ve always steered away from zucchini bread because it doesn’t sound as appealing as banana bread or cranberry bread, and I was pretty surprised how good zucchini bread turned out to be. I’m going to have to start keeping a more open mind. :)

  2. Xanthum gum tends to be expensive, why no recipes for /with gf baking soda and baking powder? i tend to stay away from overly pricey ingredients, i do usually use organic sugar and cage free eggs, and organic gf flours when possible. Wish i could use organic butter, but it falls in the too pricey category, along with xanthum gum…

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