The Palm Beach County Celiac Support Group of South Florida (pictured above) has established an assistance program “to help those individuals with Celiac Disease and/or Dermatitis Herpetiformis who are living at or below the poverty level.” Sponsored by the Celiac Disease Foundation of South Florida, this program has raised $9000 and gives $25 per month in food credits to people who qualify. The credits can be used to purchase food in four different stores in Florida. Proof of income or participation in other public assistance programs is required. Visit the link above for contact information and to download an application.

A study from one of the leading research centers for the disease, the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, figures that gluten-free groceries cost about 79 percent more than their off-the-shelf counterparts.”

Food stamps aren’t enough for impoverished people with celiac disease. To help support this group, please consider buying one of their $10 GF cookbooks at the link above.