Did you know that Celiac Disease can manifest itself in your teeth? According to a dental website:

“Patients with Celiac Disease will often show a symmetrical pattern of developmental enamel defects.… About 80% of patients with CD have enamel defects as compared with the non Celiac population which has a frequency of about 4%. ”

According to the National Institutes of Health,

“Not all dental enamel defects are caused by celiac disease, although the problem is fairly common among people with the condition, particularly children, according to Alessio Fasano, M.D., medical director at the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research. And dental enamel defects might be the only presenting manifestations of celiac disease, Fasano said.

Dental enamel problems stemming from celiac disease involve permanent dentition and include tooth discoloration—white, yellow, or brown spots on the teeth—poor enamel formation, pitting or banding of teeth, and mottled or translucent-looking teeth. The imperfections are symmetrical and often appear on the incisors and molars.”

In the future, dentists might have a much more central role to play in the diagnosis of celiac disease, especially in children.