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While I was in Durham, North Carolina the other day, I noticed an advertisement for a personal chef that specializes in, among other things, gluten-free cooking. If this were a trend, what a wonderful gift for your GF friends! Or a special treat for yourself on a holiday or anniversary or if you’re sick in bed for a while. So I researched personal chefs in the U.S., and this is what I found:

  • Four Corners Cuisine, in Durham, NC: “You call and/or email to set up the initial consultation, where we discover your culinary needs, dietary restrictions, allergies, etc…then we set a date. A menu is created and discussed with you. On the set day, Four Corners does the grocery shopping to ensure that everything is fresh. We come to your home and prepare all the wonderful dishes that you’ve selected in 2 – 4 hours, depending on the quantity. We then package and label each meal and leave your kitchen exactly as we found it. You come home and in a matter of minutes are sitting down to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal. It’s that simple.”
  • The Chef’s Table, in  Dallas, TX: “Most of the package meals that I offer can be gluten free. With this option you can come home from your busy day and know you have a meal at home ready to heat and eat.”
  • Dining Details in San Diego, CA : “Enjoy delicious seasonal, farm
    fresh produce, organics, and top quality, fresh meats and seafood. Home Gourmet is a
    convenient, healthy way of feeding yourself and your family.
    We specialize in “special
    needs” diets, including celiac, low fat, anti-cancer, and more.”
  • T.O.P. Chef in Westbury, NY: “Chef Vanda has clients that require a gluten-free, low carb diet. She has compiled a large collection of gluten-free recipes that are great tasting and a culinary delight.”
  • Come Home to Dinner in Chicago, IL: “Chose from my extensive menu, which includes gluten-free and vegetarian selections, or allow me to custom design a menu specifically for you.”

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  1. I used to be a personal chef for people who are GF/CF -it’s a great thing. And what a great idea for a gift! I’ll have to pass that idea on to my husband… haha!

  2. I am a Personal Chef in Portland, Oregon and the Willamette Valley. Because I am gluten intolerant myself, I ONLY do Gluten-Free cooking and baking and so there is no risk of cross-contamination with gluten-containing foods. I cater specifically to your dietary needs and preferences. I also do Dairy-Free and Grain-Free cooking.

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