Can't Find Betty Crocker's Gluten-Free Mixes? We've Got the Scoop

Most of you by now have already heard about Betty Crocker’s new line of Gluten Free Baking Mixes. Many of you were probably so excited by the news that you went straight to your local grocery store to find them as soon as possible. And, after searching the aisles up and down, you scratched your head, because these baking mixes were nowhere to be found.

I had a similar experience this afternoon. I called a few grocery stores, and only one, a Safeway in Falls Church, claimed to have the mixes in stock. Every other store put me on hold for five to ten minutes before telling me the mixes had yet to reach their store.

This lack of availability, said a General Mills media representative, will persist until July or August, when General Mills finally ships its long-awaited Betty Crocker gluten-free product line to grocery stores nationwide. The mixes received rave reviews from one blogger, who said that a few of the mixes tasted even better than the originals.

A customer service representative said these mixes were the result of a broad customer feedback response. People wanted more gluten-free products, and so General Mills provided.

It’s definitely an encouraging sign to see such a large company debuting products that cater so specifically to the gluten-free community. The words “Gluten Free” are even plastered across the front of the box, directing these mixes toward a very narrow audience. When a company wants to go gluten-free, they sometimes use words like “flourless” to describe the variety, so that the brand will appeal to the company’s entire range of consumers, not just the celiacs. Or, as Starbucks has done, they’ll simply leave the words gluten-free out of the product’s name and indicate that the product is gluten-free on the front of the packaging.

There’s nothing wrong with this sort of marketing, but the fact that General Mills has shied away from it indicates that they believe these gluten-free mixes will see reasonable demand from consumers who shop solely for gluten-free foods. Let’s hope this is a sign that the gluten-free market has finally grown to the extent that other large companies will start unveiling more gluten-free products in the near future.

What do you think about this announcement? Have you been able to find the Betty Crocker gluten-free mixes? Let us know!

29 thoughts on “Can't Find Betty Crocker's Gluten-Free Mixes? We've Got the Scoop”

  1. Amazon.Com has they available for pre-order, i.e. you give them your email address, and they’ll let you know when the products become available. I haven’t seen them here in Chattanooga, TN, either, and we have a few REALLY good Celiac-friendly stores.

  2. I found everything but the chocolate cake mix at a Kroger in Brentwood, TN. Local Publixes did not have them. We’ve only tried the brownies so far, and they are fantastic.

  3. I found them ALL in our local grocery store in Marquette, MI (the Upper Peninsula of Michigan)! So exciting to see gf products popping up in small communities!

  4. The brownies are awesome! I tried the brownies at the Celiac Disease Foundation Food & Educational Faire. I found all of the mixes with the exception of the chocolate cake at my local Ralph’s Grocery Store (Mission Viejo, CA). I purchased the white cake mix and I can’t wait to bake it! Blessings to Betty Crocker!

  5. I’m so jealous, I can’t find it in any local stores at all! Am counting down the days until August…It’s always so much fun to try something new. How are the prices on these?

  6. Hopefully, they have also taken out the hydrogenated oils, High fructose corn syrup and other undesireable ingredients. Can’t wait until they make it to the West coast!

    Glad to see mainstream manufacturers getting on board. Even those who are not gluten sensitive would benefit from these products.

  7. These mixes are so good! I’ve made the brownies twice already and absolutely LOVE it. The cookies are a bit sugary, but good just the same. I added walnuts to both mixes. I’lll make the cake this weekend. So far–these mixes taste like the real thing. My neighborhood Kroger (Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX) had these in the baking section of the store.

  8. I have found all the mixes at some of the Cub Foods in MN. The brownies are so delicious they even have a flaky top like Gluten full brownies, the devils food Chocolate Cake mix is to die for, i do not remember how long it has been to have that tasty of a cake( i think it was before i went GF) the Choc chip cookies were good, not awesome, i think they cook better when the dough has chilled for awile. I still have not yet tried the yellow cake mix but i am planning on it soon. If you go to the Betty Crocker website they even have some recipes for the mixes, i hope to try some of the recipes this week. I hope you can find the mixes. There is also a prodcut locator on the Betty Crocker website which is now starting to list the stores that carry them. Check these products out it is well worth it :)

  9. Haven’t been able to find any of the mixes in the local stores in the Two Rivers/Manitowoc, Wisconsin area.

  10. We have them in the Bay Area now! Yay! Nob Hill foods in Mountain View has them in stock. I’m excited to try them!

  11. Found the Yellow cake and Devil’s Food cake at Winn Dixie in Seminole FL. Requested it at Publix but no response.

  12. I found the yellow cake mix, brownie mix, and chocolate chip cookie mix at the Harris Teeter in Reston,VA today. We’re going to have a baking frenzy at my house today!

  13. Betty Crocker has a Product Finder on its site: type in ‘cake mix’ for the product search, and it’ll pop up with a big list of cake mixes for you to search on, including the new GF ones. The cookies were great, I”m going to try them as bar cookies next, since they do tend to get a bit crumbly a few days after you make them. The yellow cake is really tasty and moist, and the brownies won over all my relatives who ate them ALL! Kudos to Betty Crocker!

  14. I have found the Betty Crocker mixes in Jewel stores in Illinois. I’ve made the yellow cake mix. It is very good!!

  15. I found them when I was in L.A. I made the brownies and they were so good my non GF family gobbled them up. They are a product of Canada, but are NOT sold in Canada. I want them in the great white north as well. If you are a Canadian please give Betty a call and beg.

  16. Tampa should have Publix stores which carries them in Atlanta. Walmart also has them here so check both of those for the mixes. If you still don’t see them, call the toll free number (at and ask where you can find them. They will look up locations from your zip code. Good luck!

  17. I found the Gluten Free Betty Crocker Mixes at the local Stop and Shop and Hannaford’s . I haven’t tried any of them yet so I can’t comment on their taste.

  18. In Dallas TX 75219, Target City Place has the some of the Betty Crocker GF mixes, Kroger on Cedar Springs has all 4 of the GF mixes.
    Our entire family and friends LOVE the brownies mix – awsome!

  19. Thanks goodness for Betty Crocker!!!!! I’ve made the brownies and they are VERY good! Bought the cake mixes recently & looking forward to trying those. Having just been diagnosed with Celiac, I wasn’t sure where to get the products. Being from a small town (Martinsville, VA), the selection is quite limited. Wal-Mart, Kroger, Food Lion have a few items, but not a lot to brag on. I’m looking for good GF meals! Although I never had a steady diet of biscuits/gravy, I sure do miss them now!

  20. Just bought the chocolate chips mix at Dominick’s in Illinois. Planning to make them for Christmas. I am going to try one suggestion of chilling the dough before cooking. I may even add stuff to them, to make them more festive. I will let you all know…

  21. I have found Betty Crocker cake, brownie and cookie mixes at Hy-Vee in Sioux Falls, SD and Creston, Iowa plus at the Ellsworth Air Force Base Commissary in South Dakota. Thank you General Mills. Can’t wait for Gluten Free Bisquick.

  22. I am living in Ottawa, Ontario and we can slip over the border to do some grocery shopping. I’d heard about these mixes from someone at our Celiac Association meeting, so I already knew where to look! BUT, they are made in Canada, and cannot be bought in Canada! That has GOT to change!

    Marvelous results and wish I could get them in the stores here!

  23. I found Betty Crockett mixes in Safeway and Food Lion in Prince Frederick, Md. (Calvert County). After awhile the mixes were discontinued. I haven’t seen them since. We only have 5 grocery stores here—2 Giants, 2 Safeways, and one Food Lion, so gluten free products are not a priority item. I have gotten the mixes also from Amazon. com. Wegmans in Va. has the mixes, along with fresh dinner rolls and hot dog buns—neither crumbed. It was nice to have a hot on a bun after having been denied for 2 yrs. Gluten free Bisquick is also available at Amazon. I received the Bisquick, but I haven’t tried any recipes yet, but the reviews I have read were good.

  24. Let me know if you have found them in NW Atlanta/Cobb County. I have only ssen them 1 x at the local Walmart, then poof they were no more.

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