Snack Attack: Snikiddy Pizza Puffs

When grazing gluten-free, sometimes you crave what the Gluties eat without thinking about it. You want neither the haute-cuisine of money-burning gourmets nor mother’s home cookin’. But you’d say yes to the vending machine snack a doctor snags in between patients and the powder-yellow puffballs teenagers wolf down after school. You want junk.

You are having a Snack Attack.

If you miss cheese-flavored snacks, you’re in luck. Because Snikiddy Pizza Puffs have the texture of Cheetos and the gluten of an apple. They have a mild, cheesey flavor with a gentle aftertaste of pizza sauce. One taste tester thought they were better than Cheetos, but like Cheetos that cheese stuff gets all over your hands for an authentic junk food experience.  Luckily you don’t have to worry about trans fat, cholesterol, or hydrogenated oils. A serving is a generous fourth of the bag.

A 4 ounce bag cost $3.00 at my local Stop and Shop so check them out and tell us what you think. Can they compete with your favorite GF snack?

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