Mm mm mm! I just enjoyed the tastiest taste test ever. May I introduce you to the delicious and unusual Bhuja snacks that I picked up at my local Stop and Shop? Made by Majans, Bhuja snacks come in four flavors: Original, Cracker, Fruit, and Nuts. I tried Original and let me tell you, I have no regrets. The first bite snapped me to attention. One flavor and texture strongly reminds me of pappadums at my favorite Indian restaurant. No wonder: the chips are made out of yellow peas and chick peas. Other ingredients danced on my tongue—rice, potato, tapioca, peanuts, sultanas, chilies, cumin, and coriander.  The texture of flat chips, long crispy noodles, and crunchy peanuts never bores. At the bottom of the bag a hint of anise refreshed me.

If you like Indian food and you like crispy snacks, you’ll probably adore the Bhuja mixes. They have no unholy ingredients, no cholesterol, and no trans fats. Please comment if you’ve had any experience with this brand!