Wall Street Journal Explains General Mills’ Foray into Gluten-Free

Have you been as fascinated as we have by the recent influx of gluten-free products from General Mills? First there was Chex, then Betty Crocker, Kix and the newly-released Sprinkles Cookie Crisp cereal. (Disclaimer note: Kix and Sprinkles Cookie Crisp Cereal aren’t labeled as gluten-free, but they have no gluten-containing ingredients).

According to this morning’s Wall Street Journal, these products are all part of a broader marketing strategy aimed at capturing the gluten-free food industry. Usually when General Mills creates a new product, they spend a great deal on marketing, said the article. However, with gluten-free products, General Mills can spend much less, since they’re reaching an excited group of consumers who follow product launches such as these very closely; it doesn’t take much effort for General Mills to get the word out.

Furthermore, the Betty Crocker Baking Mixes, said the article, are the only mainstream brand of gluten-free cake mixes available in grocery stores. Therefore, General Mills is also among the first to reach this burgeoning market, one that implores name-brand companies to manufacture a broader range of more widely available products.

General Mills plans to launch more than 50 new products, including many that are gluten-free, in the first half of this fiscal year, said the article.

ConAgra Mills, one of the largest food manufacturers in the United States, also just unveiled a new gluten-free flour under its Eagle Mills brand. We’ll be sure to post a review of the flour once we find it in stores.

Click here for the full General Mills story (may need to be a Wall Street Journal online subscriber to view).

What do you all think of this? Any hunches on what new gluten-free products General Mills has in the works? Let us know!

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