Amusement Park Turns GF-friendly

An amusement park is not a gourmet experience. Ice cream, hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza dominate the menus. What’s a thrill-seeking celiac to do?

Visit Lake Compounce, the nation’s oldest amusement park, in Bristol, Connecticut. Lake Compounce has gone celiac and allergy friendly, which is a definite step up from celiac-impossible. According to the Bristol Press:

Jonathan Vigue, assistant general manager at Lake Compounce, said the park was getting an increasing number of inquiries about how they handled special diets at the food stands.

So if you want more places to serve gluten-free options, advocate for yourselves. Lake Compounce receives two phone calls per day about food allergy/ gluten-free accomodation at the park, and this customer feedback makes a difference. For gluten-free options at the park, a celiac can enjoy the ice cream stand, the hamburgers (without buns), and fried potatoes. It’s not much, but it’s a promising start. Lake Compounce has received more calls about peanut allergies, and because of that the park has made even more efforts to remove peanuts from their food products.

“Gluten we struggle with,” said Vigue. “It’s a tough one to accommodate.” For those people with severe restrictions, said Vigue, the park will allow them to bring in their own food, with advance notice.…Lake Compounce does not allow picnicking, said Vigue, but if a customer calls ahead of time and explains the situation, the park will allow that person to bring in their own food.

So give your local amusement park a call, or call Lake Compounce at 860-583-3300 because unfortunately their website still has no information for people with food restrictions. And we would love to hear all about your experiences surviving amusement parks, gluten-free.

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