Taste Test: Starfish Gluten-Free Fish

Starfish Gluten-Free Halibut

When I was a kid, fish sticks were the bane of my existence. Even when breaded and fried, I still didn’t have the stomach to eat fish. Its flakey, unsweetened texture couldn’t keep up with my sugar–oriented pallet. It tasted like strips of cardboard, and I spit it out every time.

But nonetheless, I grew older, and fish lost its repulsiveness. Pacific Seafood’s Starfish line of breaded cod, halibut and haddock makes for an excellent gluten-free substitute for battered fish, especially when served with dipping sauce.

Starfish Gluten-Free Fish

The first thing I noticed when I removed the fish from the oven was the color. The pieces shone golden-yellow, with patches of brown staining the outsides. There seemed to be less breading than I would expect, but the breading that was there tasted excellent and not too greasy. Each bite I took captured a large chunk of fish, which, though a bit dry, was tasty and flavorful – highly recommended as a family dinner or even as an appetizer at a get-together or birthday party. As with most other types of battered fish, I felt like I needed some condiments to fully bring out the flavor of the product.

I drizzled some gluten-free thousand island dressing as well as some gluten-free horseradish onto the fish, and both complemented the texture very nicely. The combination tasted even better when I mixed the two sauces together to create the ideal dip. For those traditionalists out there, gluten-free tartar sauce also tasted great as a condiment.

All three varieties of fish I tried tasted and looked very similar, with only a few slight variations, from what we could tell.

We did receive free samples of all three varieties from Starfish, whose products can be found at Whole Foods. Also be sure to check out these reviews from Gluten-Free Steve and Gluten-Free Food Reviews.

Have any of you tried Starfish’s gluten-free products? Any other brands of gluten-free fish you’d like to recommend? Let us know!

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  1. Yes, I bought a box of their Battered Haddock several months ago. The product baked up nice and crispy but unfortunately the fish tasted “fishy”. It’s still in my freezer as I have no desire to eat it but don’t have the heart to throw it out. And my receipt is gone so I can’t even return it.

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